I have breast cancer – What now?

At some point in their life, one in eight women will face breast cancer. This guide offers a new way to take control of this situation, naturally, practically and proactively. It includes a series of guidelines and remedies that will help the reader find the answers they need. Teresa Ferreiro addressed her tumour as another one of life’s projects, with a starting date and a conclusion, without letting it overwhelm her life.

A masterpiece of how to form one’s own judgement about a very important set of decisions for your life and how to deal with the emotions and the impact on it”
– Professor Carlos Cordón –IMD Business School



“This book is not only for women going through breast cancer; it’s a manual for life”
 – A reader

“The perfect book for someone who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer” – A reader

“A straightforward approach to the questions and fears that people under these circumstances face, with the openness that only someone who has experienced this process can use”
 – A reader

“An excellent example of how to self-manage illness and health”
 – Marta Rivera de la Cruz –Writer and Journalist

“A first-hand experience of resilience”
Revista Humanizar 

“A reference book. It recounts her ordeal in spirited and positive terms.”
La Voz de Galicia –August 2013

“Shuns drama and self-pity”
Adam Martín –Writer and Journalist

“A new approach towards cancer. An integrative path which patients and doctors should walk together”
Dra. Julia Rodríguez –Breast Cancer Consultant

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The author

Teresa Ferreiro (1972) studied Communication Sciences at the Universidad Computense of Madrid. Subsequently she completed a training programme for Young Talents at the IMD Business School. As a communication expert, she has developed her professional career in various multinational companies and institutions based in a number of countries, heading a variety of business projects.

At present, Teresa continues her professional career in the fields of research, communication and project management. Her experience with breast cancer and the knowledge she garnered from it – the subject of this book – has also led her to collaborate as a speaker in debates, conferences and conventions to convey the messages she supports and build analogies around them.

Her genuine interest in people has urged her to take a path in search of meaning and openness, along which she continues to advance day by day. The author considers her breast tumour as just one of life’s many experiences which may leave a deep mark on us but not necessarily become the turning point of our life”.

Teresa recently founded BabyBeatles, an NGO created to help women who had breast cancer become mums.